Where in the World is OFR Metals? Yankee Stadium

With baseball season in full swing many people are eating their peanuts and Cracker Jacks (get your Cracker Jacks he-ere!), sitting behind left field, and hoping to catch that home run ball. At OFR Metals we are singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” right there with you.

View from the Grandstand at New Yankee Stadium. Photo Credit: Andre Natta via Flickr 9/25/11

View from the Grandstand at New Yankee Stadium.
Photo Credit: Andre Natta via Flickr 9/25/11

OFR Metals in Yankee Stadium

If you are a Yankees fan or have attended a ball game at the New Yankee Stadium you likely had an ice cold soda or chilled beer in your hand. It’s even more likely that your beverage came from a snack bar or refreshment stand made from OFR Metals’ stainless steel. Cool right?

The New Yankee Stadium opened its doors in 2009. During the construction of the stadium, OFR Metals supplied a long-time customer with the 201, 301 and 430 stainless steel products used in many of the food service stands.

Len Russo, an outside sales representative for the northeast region found out that our stainless steel products would be used in the construction of the stadium during a sales call.

“When it was being built the owner’s son mentioned to me that some of our stainless steel was being used to build the beer stands and underbar equipment for the stadium,” Russo explained. “To see that one of our long-time customers, over 20 years of service, was working on this kind of project using our material was really impressive.”

The New Yankee Stadium was a hefty $1.5 billion project. This is the second-most expensive stadium ever built, behind the MetLife Stadium (home of the NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets where our stainless steel can also be found). It pays homage to Yankee history by incorporating similar design elements to the old stadium.OFR Metal's Mascot Skip the Baseball Fan

Known as “The House that Jeter Built,” it is only fitting that we pay tribute to the American All Star and 12-time MVP that is Derek Jeter. The shortstop is playing his 20th and final season for the MLB this year. Jeter began with the Yankees in 1992.

Although Jeter is retiring, the Yankees will continue to play ball. So, the next time you attend a game at the New Yankee Stadium remember that OFR Metals and our loyal customer had a hand in chilling that ice cold beer.

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