OFR Metals Up to Bat for the MLB

The 2014 MLB season, which began March 30, is in full swing. The New York Yankees are celebrating their fifth year in the New Yankee Stadium and bidding farewell to All-Star Derek Jeter after this season.

The New Yankee Stadium opened its doors in 2009. During construction, O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals (OFR Metals) supplied a customer the 201, 301, and 430 stainless steel products that were used in many of the snack bars and beer stands. The long-time customer specializes in under bar equipment, including bottle, glass and keg chillers.

“When the stadium was being built the owner’s son mentioned to me that some of our stainless was going into the stadium,” said Len Russo, OFR Metals outside sales representative. “To see that one of our long-time customers, over 20 years of service, was working on this kind of a project using our material was really impressive.”

The New Yankee Stadium, also known as “The House that Jeter Built,” was a $1.5 billion project. The stadium pays homage to Yankee history by incorporating similar design elements to the previous stadium. This is second-most expensive stadium ever built, behind the MetLife Stadium home of the NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets.