Galvannealed Steel

Coating Weights A40 and A60
CS, FS, DDS, EDDS, Types A, B & C

SS Grades 33 – 80

HSLA Grades 40 – 80

The hot-dip coating process produces a uniform zinc coating on both sides of the product. Immediately after the hot-dip process, the metal is immediately exposed to a heat treatment that allows the iron from the base metal to further diffuse into the zinc, creating a zinc-iron alloy layer. Galvannealed Steel

O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals
Standard Sizes
10 gauge - 24 gauge
36" - 60" wide

*Additional sizes & grades available upon request.
Some products and services may vary by location.

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Typical uses for Galvannealed Steel
Automobile applications, buses, trucks, trailers, garage doors, highway signs, vending machines

Galvannealed sheet can be formed in much the same manner and by the same variety of processes as galvanized sheet; however, the zinc-alloy coating on galvannealed sheet is more brittle than the zinc coating of galvanized sheet. As a result, some amount of powdering can appear when the metal is formed.

Galvannealed steel is readily paintable.