About O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals

O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals was formed January 1, 2012 when TAD Metals and Metalwest, two member companies of O'Neal Industries, combined forces to bring their customers a greater expertise in carbon and non-ferrous flat rolled products. O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals prides itself on providing its customers with expert product knowledge, fast and efficient distribution, and value that is unprecedented in the industry.

Metalwest was founded in 1986 by the Begin family and in 1997 Metalwest joined the nation’s largest family-owned metals service center, O’Neal Industries. Metalwest has focused on carbon and non-ferrous sheet, coil, and plate products and on providing customers with value-added service.

TAD Metals was a leading steel service center focused on the distribution and processing of a wide variety of aluminum and stainless steel products, including coil, sheet, plate, and long products. TAD Metals joined the nation’s largest family-owned metals service center organization in the United States, O’Neal Industries, in 2008.

As a member of the O’Neal Family of Companies, O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals brings you the strength and support of the whole O’Neal family of companies while retaining our unique servicing capabilities to the flat-rolled market. Together as a family, we offer you service and added value unlike any other service center. Separately we are leaders in our field and together we bring you the combined purchasing power of nine companies and more than 80 locations in North America, Europe, and Asia. After 25 years of supplying more than just metal, O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals understands what service really means. We serve our customers beyond metal.

O'Neal Family of Companies O'Neal Industrial Metals Group (IMG) Supply Dynamics Vulcanium O'Neal Manufacturing Services O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals United Performance Metals O'Neal High-Performance Metals Group (HPMG) Iowa Laser Leeco Steel Philip Cornes Aerodyne Alloys Plus Ten Stainless Stainless Tubular Products O'Neal Steel TW Metals O'Neal Industries

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O'Neal Industrial Metals Group (IMG)

Working individually, on a consultative basis, or in partnership, the companies that comprise the O'Neal Industrial Metals Group (IMG) can answer customers' needs in ways no ordinary metal service center can. O'Neal IMG consists of O'Neal Steel, O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals, O'Neal Manufacturing Services, and Leeco Steel. Together, they offer a network of strategically located operations and large, diverse inventories of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, as well as efficient, innovative customer solutions for everything from purchasing and processing to metallurgy and delivery.

Supply Dynamics

Supply Dynamics LLC is the leading provider of cloud-based, on-demand technology solutions and processes for managing sourcing, procurement and supply chain complexity in Outsourced Manufacturing Environments. They work with leading Fortune 1000 Global Manufacturing OEMs and Product Companies that are committed to proactively extending their influence and control throughout their Supply Environment.


Vulcanium, which operates stocking facilities in Northbrook, IL and Belfast, Northern Ireland, carries a full line of inventory in titanium sheet, plate, block and bar products and specializes in providing titanium distribution and supply chain solutions to OEMs as well as subcontractors across the world. Comprehensive in-house processing capabilities allow Vulcanium to perform a variety of first stage processing operations including leveling, shearing, sawing, machining, facing, chamfering, laser and water jet cutting.

O'Neal Manufacturing Services

O'Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) produces everything from simple bracket weldments and precision parts to subassemblies and complex mainframes that are fabricated from hundreds of processed components and machined parts – then shipped to the customer ready for on-line assembly. OMS operates 11 strategically located facilities in the USA and Mexico, featuring some of the largest and most versatile equipment available, including: CNC boring mills; contour bevel-head plasma burners; automated welding stations; and a state-of-the-art blast, phosphate-wash, and paint booth. These highly integrated and comprehensive manufacturing operations serve a wide range of OEM industries such as mining, machining, material handling, construction, railroad, forestry, power generation, and farming.

United Performance Metals

United Performance Metals is a leading metal supplier of specialty stainless steel and high-temperature alloys, and is uniquely equipped to process coil, sheet, and plate with the industry's most comprehensive slitting, edging, shearing, leveling, and sawing capabilities. United also offers in-depth understanding of complex supply chain issues, logistics, cultural challenges, and customs procedures associated with international trade. In business since 1982, United serves customers in categories such as aerospace, aircraft, automotive, medical, food service, housewares, and petrochemical.

United Performance Metals - CHRG Metals Division is a supplier of corrosion and heat resistant stainless and nickel alloy sheet and plate. FIRSTCUT+® Services include hi definition plasma cutting, shearing, laser/water jet cutting, sawing, forming and other processes. CHRG Metals Division, strategically located in Houston, is part of the United Performance Metals family of companies.

O'Neal High-Performance Metals Group (HPMG)

The O'Neal High-Performance Metals Group (HPMG) is composed of four of the world's leading suppliers and consultants in the high-performance/high-temperature metals market. Aerodyne Alloys, TW Metals, United Performance Metals, and Supply Dynamics can work independently or on a collaborative basis to develop and deliver the optimum material solution for diverse international markets, including aerospace, power generation, and petrochemical. O'Neal HPMG provides unprecedented purchasing power, access to products, precision processing, supply chain management, and expertise across the full spectrum of specialty metals.

Iowa Laser

Iowa Laser serves its customers with a defined reputation of delivering quality and innovation in metal fabrication. Iowa Laser, a part of O'Neal Manufacturing Services, presents a multi-disciplinary manufacturing facility, offering automated sheet/plate laser cutting, laser tube cutting, laser welding and laser heat treating, CNC forming, conventional and robotic welding, CNC machining, and complete manufacturing engineering services.


Leeco is a steel service center specializing in carbon, HSLA, alloy and abrasion-resistant, extra-high-strength, and weathering steel in the form of plate, sheet, and coil. The company is internationally known for its sourcing expertise, huge inventory, customized service, flexibility, technical solutions, and unmatched product knowledge with regard to specialized, high-endurance applications, including service to the wind power industry.

CHRG Metals

CHRG Metals is the streamlined source for corrosion and heat-resistant grades of specialty stainless steel and nickel alloy flat product. Operating as a specialty division of O'Neal Steel, CHRG serves customers throughout North America from two stocking locations in Houston and Pittsburgh. These two facilities will offer unique inventories and an array of processing capabilities to serve customers engaged in industries ranging from oil and gas exploration to chemical manufacturing and power generation.

Philip Cornes

Based in the UK for more than 40 years, Philip Cornes specializes in the supply and processing of nickel alloys, as well as heat and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Its worldwide customers are engaged in markets such as chemical, oil and gas, heat treatment, engineering, and fabrication. The company has exclusive distribution agreements in the UK with a number of the world's leading manufacturers, in addition to ready access to TW Metals' and O'Neal Steel's product inventories throughout Europe and the USA.

Aerodyne Alloys

Aerodyne Alloys is an international distributor and processor of high-temperature nickel, cobalt, titanium, and stainless steel available in bar, plate, and near net shapes. The company serves the unique needs of customers engaged in critical applications for industries such as aerospace, medical, power generation, petrochemical, and defense. Products are available in an exceptionally wide range of sizes, and processing capabilities include state-of-the-art blade technology for precision cutting of bar and plate.

Plus Ten Stainless

Plus Ten Stainless has been the premier stainless steel plate distributor for the West Coast since 1989. From its San Francisco Bay Area service center in Benicia, California, Plus Ten specializes in parts that have a precision cold saw cut edge. The company's mechanical cutting process provides clear advantages over plasma cutting including parts that are CNC ready and the elimination of heat affected zones. Plus Ten, a division of United Performance Metals, stocks the widest variety of steel alloy plate on the West Coast, offering a vast range of precision cut products for end users in the semiconductor, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, and agricultural industries.

Stainless Tubular Products

Commonly known as STP, Stainless Tubular Products is a full-line supplier of stainless steel and nickel alloy pipe, tubing, and fittings with unique expertise in, and the USA's largest and most diverse inventory of, ornamental and mechanical tubing. With its own in-house production and polishing department, STP offers custom cutting and finishing to precise specifications for applications ranging from architecture and aerospace to healthcare and petrochemical. The company has been in business more than 30 years and is based in northern New Jersey.

O'Neal Steel

O'Neal Steel is the nation's largest family-owned, full-line metals service center with a storied history dating back to 1921. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, O'Neal Steel operates a network of strategically located facilities throughout the U.S. and in Mexico. Products include carbon, stainless, and alloy sheet, bar, and shapes-plus aluminum products, pipe, tubing, expanded metal, and bar grating. Multi-stage processing ranges from sawing, burning, and laser cutting to plasma punching, tube bending and machining as well as welding complex sub-assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

TW Metals

Building on more than a century, TW Metals is one of the world's foremost sources of stainless, aluminum, alloy, carbon, and high alloys such as nickel and titanium. Custom and off-the-shelf products include pipe, tube, bar, rod, sheet, plate, and extrusions. The company is approved by more than two dozen U.S. and European aerospace companies as a supplier for new aircraft as well as maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Other industries served include nuclear, chemical processing, marine, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, defense, and pumps and valves.

O'Neal Industries

O’Neal Industries is a family of closely-related companies, all engaged in the metals service center business. We provide products and services, ranging from steel beams and plate to specialty alloys and complex manufactured components, to customers across a wide variety of industries worldwide. Together, our companies represent the USA’s largest family-owned metals service center.

O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals

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